Monday, July 6, 2009

Will's First (and hopefully only) Trip to the ER

We had to take Will to Children's Hospital ER on Sunday Night. Around 7 pm, he was stung by a wasp on his right foot. Since he is only 4 months old, the on-call pediatrician and paramedics thought it was best to have him checked at the hospital. They were worried about any possible allergic reactions.

He screamed for about 45 straight minutes. The paramedic said this was good because it meant the sting wasn't affecting his breathing.

I was totally freaked out especially when the paramedics arrived at our house. Even though, it was a minor injury, it truly is a mother's worst nightmare.

Once we got to the ER, we were seen within 20 minutes. Will laughed and smiled at all the staff. I was so happy he was acting like his normal self. After seeing the doctor, he was cleared with a clean bill of health. We got home around 10:15 pm and went to bed.

A few Thank You's:
--My mom-Thanks for riding to the hospital with us and keeping ME calm
--John-Thanks for keeping everyone else calm and helping around the house while we were seeing the paramedics
--Ashley-Thanks for getting everything put away so we didn't come home to a messy house
--Youth Group (yes, they were at the house when it happened)--Thank you for following Ashley's instructions. I didn't have to worry about them and they were not in the way. Best youth group EVER!
--Dan and Celia-Thank you for meeting us at Children's and waiting to make sure Will was okay.
--Paramedic-We can't remember your name, buy you were awesome!
--ER Staff-Thanks for working quickly and answering all our questions!


  1. Wow, that is AWESOME that you were seen within 20 minutes. I am so glad Will is doing well. I know that must have been scary, but I know you are happy it is behind you... so much for a calm 4th of July weekend, huh?

  2. Poor Will!!! I know that was scary for him!!! and the paramedic was Jim, I think or Hunter.. I'm not sure.. but thats what it looks like.. I'm glad Will is ok!!!