Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Corner

This corner in our kitchen has been occupied quite a lot these days...

I am not sure what the deal is, but Will has definitely been pushing his boundaries. I know that it comes with being two and finding independence.  Thankfully, 99% of the time, time-out works for us.  Will is very good about standing in the corner for his allotted time.  When he gets finished with his time-out, we go over why he was in time out and then hugs and kisses.  It's pretty much the Supernanny method.  I have watched that show a thousand times and always figured that it didn't work, but it actually works for Will.

After a long night of whining, crying, and time-out, I went to get Will ready for bed.  I was trying to have  a little conversation with him about how he needs to mind mommy and daddy. I wasn't getting on to him, just talking. Well I guess he thought he was still kind of in trouble from earlier in the night, so he wanted to change the subject.  In the middle of me talking, he started singing "Jesus loves me".  IT WAS SO SWEET!!!  He totally got me.  He is my little con artist. He knew exactly what to do to get out of the little lecture I was giving him. 

Nights like last night really wear me out, but i hope that Will is learning a little bit of discipline. We can definitely tell that he understands that if he does something wrong that he will be punished.  Our prayer that in all of this that we will raise a well-behaved and thoughtful child!

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