Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Auburn vs. Florida-Atlantic

Saturday was  a day full of tailgating.  It was Auburn's first night home game of the season so we took advantage of getting to spend the day on The Plains.

The day was made even better because Jordan and Kristen joined us. It was Kristen's first Auburn experience!

We had lots of people join us to tailgate. My mom and John, and Dan and Celia were there.  Brantley, Tracee, and Clancee also came, as well as, Clay's co-worker, Jason, and his wife and daughter, Rebecca and Bailey.  John's friend, Nick came by and brought a group of people with him too.  And our friend, Chris Lee, showed up too!

Since we had a lot of time to spare before the game, we did a little walking tour of campus so that Jordan and Kristen could see our favorite places.  We went to the new Auburn Arena and did a little tour.  The women's basketball team was there practicing and Will was in love. He kept screaming "they playing basketball, mommy...they playing basketball right there!!!"  We can't wait to take him to a real basketball game this season. He will freak out!

There is also a little museum area in the arena so we walked through there and got to see the championship trophy!

We stopped by the Auburn Gear store so John could get a new shirt and hat.  Jordan found the signature Gene Chizik pull-over and had to model it. He is obsessed! HA!

Then we headed to Haley Center and the new student center. It was a fun morning walking around campus!

Once we were back at the tailgate we ate and ate and then ate some more.  Love hanging out with all our family and friends.  Soon it was time for the game and everyone headed for the stadium. Kristen and I stayed back at the tailgate with Will because we didn't want to take him into the game since he didn't have a nap.  Jason, Rebecca, and Bailey stayed as well and the kids had fun playing.

Since I knew the traffic would be minimal during the game, Kristen, Will, and I took a quick drive over to Toomer's so that Kristen could see the trees. It was really SAD!! We also rode by my old apartment at The Oaks. I miss that place so much!

The game went well and we won.  We didn't get home until after midnight but it was such a fun day!

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