Tuesday, June 8, 2010

15 Month Old Well Visit

Will had his 15 month well visit yesterday. 

Here are his stats:
Weight: 24 pounds, 1 ounce
Height: 30 1/2 inches
Head Circumference: 19 inches

Dr. R checked him out and everything looked great. He did have to get one shot that he wasn't to fond of.  He let out a little whimper but them he was fine.

Dr. R said he is meeting all the milestones for his age.  He has more than a six word vocabulary and he follows basic instructions.  He also knows how to brush his teeth and comb his hair. He can point out your eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, and ears.

Dr. R did not have any concerns about his development or growth.

The only thing we discussed in length was Will's eating habits.  The only "adult" foods he will eat are snack type foods (Cheerios, goldfish, and occasionally bananas and french fries). He also will not eat any type of meat.  Dr. R said he wasn't too concerned with this and that hopefully between now and 18 months old he will make the transition. Will is by no means starving.  Dr. R also said daycare could help with this situation since all the kids in his class eat the normal lunch they provide.  Hopefully watching his peers eat the "adult" food will encourage Will to do the same.  We will just keep offering him food and see what happens.

I am so thankful that Will is happy and healthy, and that he is thriving!

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