Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun Weekend

We had a fun, relaxing weekend at our house. We didn't have any plans so we just hung out and got out a few times.

Friday night we hung out at home, ate Carpenetti's pizza, and watched Valentine's Day.  The movie was cute and the food was GREAT!

Saturday, we decided it was time to get a our laundry and house under control.  We spent the morning sorting clothes and cleaning up.  Around lunch time we decided to head out to look for a nap mat for Will.  Uncle John joined us.  Our first stop was Target. Will tried on a hat.

I didn't find a nap mat but I did find some cute canvas bins to use for all of Will's toys.
We left Target and headed to eat at Chili's.  Lunch was good but by the time we were done eating Will was losing  his mind so we had to get out of there.  Apparently when we left lunch he decided he needed to take one of the crayons with him. We leave Chili's to head to Learning Express to resume the nap mat search.  We pull into the parking lot and I go to get Will out of his car seat and he has blue all over his face. In the 2 minutes we were in the car, HE ATE A BLUE CRAYON!!! I could have died! Not to mention, John was sitting in the backseat with him and didn't notice or stop him!!

We didn't find the nap mat, so we headed home to finish up our house work. Will tried on his new faux-crocs that his Auntie Lisa got him. He wore them the rest of the weekend.

Note: I just noticed that it looks like Winnie is trying to attack Will in this picture! Haha! She was just running behind him.

Sunday, we got up and went to church. We had lunch with my grandparents which is always fun.  After lunch, we went to Brookwood Mall to see the kick-off event for the Miss Alabama Pageant.  I have always loved watching pageants and this year, Robbin got me tickets to all the preliminary nights for Miss Alabama. I am so excited!

Sunday afternoon I headed over and visited with Leslie and little Jackson. This is the first time I have gone without Will and Ray wasn't home, so Leslie and I got to have some good girl talk and I got to snuggle with Jackson.  Leslie is hilarious and Jackson is so sweet!

We capped off the weekend with the start of VBS at our church.  Clay was at home watching the Auburn Baseball game so I took Will to the beginning part of VBS. They sing and dance so I thought he would enjoy it. I was wrong. He didn't have a good nap and he is teething so he was a bear!  We stayed for a little bit then I took him home.  He was obviously tired because he went to sleep sitting straight up drinking his milk!

It was a nice and relaxing weekend. I enjoyed it because this week is going to be busy-busy!!!


  1. I love this kid.

    Also, are you cleaning off a spot on your mantle for your "Mother of the Year - Random Snacks" division title?

  2. Gavin has those EXACT pajamas.

    He likes the blue kids menu crayons too :)