Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Last Few Days

So it has been awhile since I have had a new post.  Things with work have been super busy so when I have been home, it has been all about Will.  We haven't had to much going on.

Clay was gone a white water rafting trip Friday and Saturday, and I had to work late Friday so Will got to go to Publix with Grandmother and Pop. Pop spoils him so much, so he came home with all kinds of treats.  He got some animal crackers and bananas, and Pop let him eat Goldfish while they were in the store.  He was not happy to see me! Ha!

Saturday, Will and I planned a little lunch date with Grandmother, Aunt Toot (Mary Kay), Leslie, and Jackson.  I was glad that everyone agreed to come over to our house and eat because I am hesitant to take Will out in public anymore especially to eat. He throws the biggest fits when he doesn't get his way. Some may say he is a tad spoiled!

When everyone first arrived, I think Will thought they were coming to babysit him because he would not leave my side.  Once he realized I wasn't abandoning  him, he was all over the place.  During lunch he wanted to help Leslie rock Jackson in his carseat.  It was sweet but Will got a little carried away with the rocking!  Will thought he was being such a big boy by "helping".  Of course Will's jealous side did come out because I picked up Jackson when he was crying.  Will then proceeded to cry and try to climb up the side of my body. Clearly we can't have anymore kids or it will send Will over the edge. It was  a nice lunch and it was fun just to have hang out with some of my favorite women!

On Father's Day, we all headed to church.  We had a guest speaker share his testimony and sing. He was really good.  We went to The Cap (Captain D's) with my Pawpaw for lunch! My grandparent's love The Cap!  haha!  After lunch Will and I headed home for a nap and Clay went to play golf with his dad.

Once Clay got home from golf, we headed over to my parent's house to hang out with my dad.  We took Will's little swimming pool over so he could play outside.  He helped Pop clean off the driveway and gather all the sticks.  Will love sticks.  Pop does woodworking so he has a bucket full of odd pieces of wood and Will was is heaven!  He pull out all different kinds of sticks and played with them forever. Will had this one piece that was about the size of a bar of soap. He kept holding up to his ear and saying "bye" like he was on the telephone.  We decided that was his Amish phone.  It was pretty funny.

Of course we were sad to see the weekend go.  We haven't done much this week.  Tuesday, Clay opened the gym at church so Will and I went up there for  a little while to play. Will loves watching the guys play basketball and he enjoys riding in the wagon. He decided he wanted to try and ride on a tricycle but he couldn't reach the pedals. Here are some pictures of him on the tricycle:

I love taking Will  up to the gym because it wears him out and he sleeps so good! I had to wake him up this morning to get ready and that rarely happens.

I will be traveling for work the rest of the week but I will try and update again soon!

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