Monday, May 16, 2011

An Afternoon Spent in the ER


We spent Sunday afternoon in the ER at Children's.  Not my ideal way to spend an afternoon.

Here is what happened:

After church, Will and I headed home and Clay headed to the golf course.  Will and I were in my bedroom changing into our sweats in anticipation of spending the rest of the afternoon on the couch. Will was sitting on the bed and I was changing shirts.  I have no clue what happened, but one second I was pulling the shirt over my head and the next second Will was on the floor crying.  I scooped him up and held him to my chest to comfort him.  I went to pull my hand away from his head and I looked down and my hand had blood all over.  I turned him around and blood was all over the back of his head.  Since I was alone with him, I called 911.  I have never called 911, but I just felt like it was the right thing to do. Plus, we live on the same street as the fire station and I knew they could get here quicker than anyone else I called.  Thankfully Will never lost conscience or anything.  He was actually excited when he saw the paramedics because he thought it was a fire truck and it was super fun that they were coming to see him! The paramedics were so nice and they checked him out.  They decided because of his age and how far he fell that he needed to be checked out by a doctor. They also thought he may need stitches for the cut.

Sometime during that whole thing, I called Clay and he came home. As soon as he pulled up, we put Will in the car and headed to the ER.  Will was acting normal but he did tell us his head was hurting.  The ER was almost empty so we were taken back pretty quickly. We were there a few hours.  They had to strap Will down to this board to hold him still so they could clean the wound out. That was the worst part. He was crying and asking me to hold him. It was so sad.  Once they got his head cleaned up, they said the cut wasn't as bad as they thought. They said they could put a couple of stitches in but it would be purely for cosmetic reasons and that might be more traumatizing then the benefit of the stitches. We opted out of doing the stitches, so they made sure the cut was really clean and then put some antibiotic ointment on it.  Then we were sent home!

It was a really scary moment for me but I think Will seems to be fine.  He keeps telling people "I fall off da bed and hit my head, it hurt".  He is so sweet and I am so thankful that he was a very very minor injury. 

I am sure that my Mother of the Year award is on its way in the mail right now! I felt so bad!!! Clay told me to get used to it, we have a very active little boy and this probably won't be the last time we see the inside of the ER. HA!

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  1. I am so glad Will is okay. And, Clay is right. Little active boys get hurt--so do little active girls--ask Julie.

    Julie's mom