Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh the things he says...

Will has always been a talker.  He talks all the time and we rarely have quite moments in our house.  We have a constant running commentary of what he is doing or what is going on. He even talks in his sleep sometimes. 

I think there are two reasons he talks so much are:

1.  He goes to daycare and I think he gets a lot of stimulation there, which I am thankful for.
2.  Clay and I never talked "baby talk" to him. We talk to him like we would talk to anyone else.  Also, we always try to have conversations with him and ask him questions. 

Will is at such a great stage right now.  He recounts his day for us and talks in length about every subject!  Because I want to remember, I am going to recount some of the things he has said over the last couple of weeks.

Everyday when we pick him up, we ask him about what happened during the day.  This is a conversation I had with him one day:

Me: Did you have a good day?
Will: Good day.
Me: What did you do today?
Will: Played ball wif my fwiends.
Me:  Did you do anything else?
Will: No.
Me: Did you read a book, sing a song, or color?
Will: No.
Me: So you didn't do anything educational today?
Will: No, dere no education at scool.
(Sidenote:  There is a lot of educational things done at his school.  I think he just enjoys playing more than anything else!)

A couple of versions of what he said after his fall on Sunday:

Me: Tell Daddy what happened?
Will: I fall off da bed and hurt my head on da dwawer.  It hurt.  Da firetwuck came to see me, I go to the fire station. (The paramedics said he could come visit the fire station).

Me: Tell Pop how you got your boo-boo?
Will: I fall off da bed and hit my head.  Da firetwuck come to my house. Whoo-whoo! <---making the siren sound.

Last night before bed:

Will:  Mommy I love you so much, your my best friend! (Seriously melted my heart!!!)

And if I am being completely transparent, he said this little gem the other night in the car.  None of us were talking and we were leaving Jack's:

Will: Mommy is a jacka**. 

Awesome, right?!?!  I was mortified. I don't think he has ever heard anyone say that to me.  Clay asked him to repeat himself a few times because we thought he might be trying to say something else. But no. He was saying that word.  I told him that was a dirty word and he said "dat not a diwty word".  Oh the joys of parenthood.

I love him more and more everyday!!!  He is the best thing ever!!

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