Sunday, August 7, 2011

10 Year High School Reunion

Clay and I had a blast at my 10 year high school reunion last night!  Our class officers did a great job putting everything together and the location was awesome.  We had the reunion at a rooftop bar in downtown Birmingham and the weather was so nice.  It was fun hanging out and catching up with old friends surrounded by great scenery. 

There were about 40 or so classmates there plus their guests.  We graduated with around 95 people so almost half came to the reunion. 

Of course, Jenny and Tabitha were there. Jenny and I have been friend since 4th grade and Tabitha and I have been friends since 8th grade.  We were really close in high school and still stay in touch today.  Also, Jenny is moving back to Alabama soon so there is no excuse not to get together more.

Jenny, me, and Tabitha

All in all, it was a great night.  I can't wait to see where everyone is in 10 more years. 

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