Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Will starts his first official day of preschool today.  He is going to be at the same daycare center he has been at since he was 3 months old, but today they start their Pre-K program.  This will be the first year that it will be scheduled school time during the morning.

I went to orientation last week and got to learn about all the things he would be doing during the year.  He has the same teacher he had during the summer and we love her, so it should be a  great year.  Will has already learned so much from her and I know that will continue.

Of course, I was that mom that had to get a picture of him at the house and then one in his classroom.

There will be eight children in his class including him.  There are 7 boys and 1 little girl. We should all say a special prayer for that little girl. I can't even imagine. Ha! 

I hope that he learns so much this year and has a great time.  I know that things that he learns now will be the foundation for his entire education.  I am thankful that we have a good christian daycare to send him to and that he has a teacher that loves what she does.  I pray they all have a great year!

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