Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Auburn vs. Utah State - 2011

Saturday, we traveled to Auburn to see our Tigers play.  Will was so excited about football season this year. He couldn't wait to get to Auburn. He literally asked every morning this past week when we were going to see Aubie.

We got up EXTREMELY early Saturday morning to head to the game. John and Clay left at 5 am and then mom, Will, and I left at 6:15 am. 

When you tailgate, you get to eat cupcakes for breakfast.

Once we got there, the tailgate spot was all set up and we had some friends join us. We ate some snacks and played a few games of cornhole.  The game started at 11 so it was an early start to the day.  We headed to the stadium around 10:15.

Marlin and John.

Ready to walk to the stadium.

Will loved being in the stadium. He pointed out everything he saw and talked non-stop.

Aubie with the National Championship trophy!

During the first quarter, he kept asking "are they done yet? I want to play on that big field."  Maybe one day!

He was saying "War Eagle Hey!"  Love it!

It was so HOT Saturday.  After the first quarter, we headed down to the concourse to try and cool off. I didn't want Will to get over heated. He and I walked around for a bit and then we headed back up to our seats until half-time.   Since it was so hot, I decided it would be best for us to headed back to the tailgate spot. Clay came with us and set up the tv.

Auburn didn't play so well but in the end--in true Auburn fashion--they pulled out a WIN!

After the game was over, we cooked out and ate.  We decided to head home around 4 and it was seriously the longest car ride of my life. We stopped by Kristen and Jordan's on the way home, and by the time we got to their house it felt like it was midnight.  Will was exhausted so we went to the house and he fell asleep almost instantly.

We had so much fun hanging out as a family and it was a great kick-off to football season.  Will hasn't stopped taking about the game yet, and we are so excited that he loved it so much. 

These are a few things he said about the game that were cute:

-"I can't see Aubie, I need some noculars."

-"The big kids with the big pants and big shoes play football."

-"The cheerleaders flip over."

-"The band make a lot of noise."

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