Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kid-Friendly Tailgating

Tailgating in 2009.

Tailgating in 2010.

My brother sent me an article this morning about kid-friendly tailgating. Of course, this is interesting to me because we have a kid and we tailgate.  Football season starts for us in two days, so we are busy trying to get everything together for our tailgate. 

The last two football seasons have been fairly easy with Will because he was so young and we could contain him. This year is definitely going to present some challenges because we have an on-the-go, independent 2-year-old on our hands.  He loves to participate in anything that older kids/adults are doing, so we need to find ways to keep him entertained and safe while we tailgate.

I plan on taking some of his toys and then we have a few tailgate games, like cornhole and tailgate golf.  Thankfully the game this week is at 11 am. That means we will tailgate a little bit before the game and a little bit after. This should decrease the time for Will to get bored.

All in all, we just want to have fun and have good experiences going to Auburn.  We want him to love it there as much as Clay and I do.

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