Friday, September 16, 2011

Homecoming Parade 2011

We took Will to our local Homecoming Parade this afternoon. This is his third year to go.  We met Ashley at the church and watched it from there.

Will's friend, Gavin, was there so he played with him for a while before the parade started.

Will was really excited about the parade this year. He kept telling us that "we see the band and we get candy."

I think the highlight for him this year was his best friend, Cody, rode on the firetruck. Cody works at this daycare and goes to church with us. He and Will are great friends. Cody is really good to Will.  Cody is a senior this year and won Fire Prevention King, so that is why is was on the firetruck.

Will got lots of candy so that was fun for him.  I love that we live in a small town and get to expose Will to small town traditions.

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