Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fish Tanks

Will's preschool teacher went to the beach over Labor Day Weekend and was sweet enough to bring the kids back a little treat.  She brought them all a pair of goggles.  I don't know if Will knew what swim goggles were before today so that probably lead to the confusion.  He kept telling me they were "fish tanks".  I have no clue where that came from but it made us laugh so hard.

Last night when we got home I opened the goggles for him but he didn't want to wear the "fish tanks". I put them on and showed him they weren't so bad. He still wasn't fond of having something over his eyes. However, this morning he was all about wearing the "fish tanks". He wore them in the car all the way to school. 

Seriously, this child is the light of my life.  I love him so much! And thanks to Miss Tammy for our new "fish tanks"!

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