Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We had a wonderful Christmas. We were so blessed to get to be with our families and stay in our PJs ALL DAY!  We got some pretty great gifts too, and we are super thankful!  Will is at a great age and that made the day even more fun!

I took so many pictures so I just going to post some with comments. 
Christmas Breakfast with Mom, Dad, John, Pawpaw and Shirley

Opening presents. 
Will loved opening his gifts. I am pretty sure I could have just wrapped empty boxes and he would have had just as much fun. 

Mom got a new coffee maker!

This is such a wonderful memory for me.
My parents got Will this race track.  I love it so much because every year growing up, my brother got some sort of race track.  He and my dad would immediately put it together and play for hours.  Now Will gets to experience that with my dad and John.  Love it!

Our little family!

Uncle John

Pop and Mawmaw

Rock Star!

Clay and Mom making coffee.  They both got the same coffee maker, so they couldn't resist making their first cup of coffee.

Pawpaw and BomBom came over around lunch time.  Will was so excited to see them!

And he was really excited about his NEW TRACTOR!

We did learn why two-year-olds aren't allowed to have a driver's license.  

But Will was under Pawpaw's watchful eye. So he learned quickly how to stop, go and back up.

This was Will's favorite gift of the day!  When he opened this gift he audibly gasped. It was so funny and cute. Definitely something I will remember for a long time.


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  1. That picture of him playing the guitar is awesome. That face, that body language, totally in to it. So glad y'all had a wonderful holiday!