Friday, December 23, 2011

ReRe and Scooter's House

We just got home from eating dinner at ReRe and Scooter's house.  They invited over for dinner and we exchanged presents. 

Will is always happy when I tell him we are going to see ReRe and Scooter. I think it's because they let him do whatever he wants.  They are like another set of grandparents for Will.  Of course, Kristen and Jordan were there too!

Will was all over the place and was acting super nutty. He is so funny sometimes but it makes me tired.  Ha!

Will got a personalized Lightning McQueen book, Lightning McQueen PJs, a TowMater shirt, and a car.  He was so excited!

Clay and I got the funniest and best gift.  We got a poster sized picture of Will. When I opened it, I just laughed. It is one of my favorite things ever.

I am so thankful to have friends that are like family.  ReRe, Scooter, Kristen, and Jordan are such blessings in our lives!

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