Thursday, December 15, 2011

Will's School Christmas Party

I took off today so that I could be at Will's Christmas Party at school.  I was really excited that my work schedule allowed for me to be there.  What I wasn't expecting was for my child to act the way he did.  He wasn't bad, but he definitely had some noteworthy moments.

We started the morning off with a meltdown.  I asked if he could smile so I could take his picture. Two of his little classmates came up and started saying "cheese"! It was so cute until Will started crying because he didn't want his friends to say cheese to me. 

Then it was time to get a class picture.  This is the only shot I got with all 10 of them. Taking a picture of t10 two- and three-year-olds is not an easy task. 

Next it was time for Christmas Carols. They brought all the classes in one room and Mr. Mark lead them in singing a couple of songs. My child acted like a complete goof-ball!!

After they finished singing, we headed back to their classroom for a Christmas snack! It was so fun to watch them all eat. None of them liked the same things. Some of them ate all their food, some barely ate at all.

Santa came and brought each child a toy. This is where Will's picture with Santa would be but that picture doesn't exist because Will was too busy screaming, crying, and trying to climb up the side of my body.

Even though, he wasn't a Santa fan, he still got a gift.  His favorite -- Tow Mater!!!

I tried to get a good picture of Will and his best bud, Gavin.  Gavin got a train from Santa.

Once we got home, we went through his goodie bags. He got a lot of candy and some books from his little friends.  He also showed me the two ornaments he made in class earlier in the week. He was very proud.

It was such a fun thing to get to do with Will and I hope that in the years to come Clay and I will always be able to participate in his class parties!

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