Monday, December 19, 2011

Mawmaw's Family Christmas

Sunday, we spent the day in Wedowee.  It was time for Christmas with Clay's Mawmaw and the family.

There were a lot of presents under this little tree!

Before opening presents, we had a great lunch. Mawmaw makes the BEST dressing!  I could seriously eat it at every meal.  And Kim's creamed corn is a must!  I love the food so much.

After we stuff ourselves, it was time for presents!!! Will was so excited. I think Mawmaw bought him evertyhing she saw in the store. He was so happy and after he would finish opening one present, he would say "I need another one!"  He got so many great things from everyone!

Once all the presents were open, it was time to play!  Uncle Gray is always willing to help Will play with his new toys.

Mawmaw got everyone yo-yos and Will loved watching Kody and Uncle Al.

Then the rest of the time we were there, Will was outside.  I think at some point he had every single person play with him outside.  He and Uncle Al even picked up some pinecones!

And Will, Kody, and Uncle Ray played soccer.

Will had a great day and it was so fun to see him so happy.  He talked about Uncle Al, Kody, and Uncle Ray all night!  I love that everyone is willing to spend time with him. 

It's always wonderful to spend the day in Wedowee. It's definitely our family's hone away from home.

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