Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Day of Celebration

We had a great day celebrating Will's birthday!

I went in and woke him up this morning to tell him "happy birthday".  This was our conversation:

Me: "Happy Birthday!"

Will: "today?"

Me: "Yes. You are three today!"

Will: "Awesome. Give me a high-five!"

He totally cracks me up. 

We got ready and headed to Sunday School. We took cupcakes so celebrate with his friends.  Logan and Jameson were there and Will loved getting to share cupcakes with them.

Beth is Will's Sunday School teacher.  Of course, Will loves his "Bess" and she does a great job teaching them about Jesus each week.

After church, we ran a few errands and then went to Mawmaw and Pop's for Will's Birthday lunch.  Uncle John, Pawpaw, Bom-Bom, Aunt Kate, Uncle Gray, Kritchen, Jordan, and Ashley were all there.  We had a great lunch!

Will was so excited about his letter cake this year, and he was actually able to blow out the candles by himself.  Mom and Kristen helped me with the cake. We got the idea from Pinterest and it turned out really cute. Will loved it!

Will ate two bites of cake and wanted to know if we could open presents.  He was really into it this year and that was exciting.

He loved all his gifts especially his new Blaze hat and Legos. 

Clay and Gray loved the Legos too!

Later that evening, just the three of us went to Waffle House for dinner. Will picked and he wanted a waffle with chocolate on top. 

It was such a wonderful day celebrating our boy with all our family and friends. I still can't believe he is three years old.  I know this next year is going to be great!!!

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