Monday, March 5, 2012

Will's Birthday Celebration at School

I took cupcakes to Will's class this morning to celebrate his birthday!  I love his little class so much.  They are so cute and they say the funniest things.

Will's teacher, Miss Tammy, made him a special sign for his birthday.

Everyone was so sweet to Will and they all told him "happy birthday".

Two of Will's little friends, Loren and Colt, kept asking me if I was going to work. When I told them "yes", they both asked me if I could just stay at school with them.  It was so precious. Will didn't want me to leave either and there were a few tears shed.  I wish that I could have spent the whole day with them, but sadly I can't. Thankfully, Miss Tammy is a wonderful teacher and takes care of Will when I have to go to work. 

It was a fun morning with six 2 and 3 year olds!

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