Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Fun Saturday

We had a fun day today. Jackson came over for the day while his mom went to a funeral out of town and his dad worked.

We started off the day at Academy.  We had to get Will a helmet and bag for t-ball. 

On the way home, we stopped and got Happy Meals. It was interesting having two boys under 3 for the day.

After lunch, the boys played and played.  Kristen and Mom came over to help me bake Will's birthday cake and cupcakes. 

Jackson went home around 4 and we went to the park for t-ball practice.   Will didn't really want to practice. He told me that he wanted to stay in the dugout and dance. It is definitely going to be an interesting season.

We ended the day with dinner at Wings with Kristen and Jordan.  Will slept for 45 minutes on my lap so I knew he was tired.  I also left the car keys in the bathroom while changing Will when we got there and we had a small issue finding them when it was time to go home!  What a day!!!

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