Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Tonight we ate dinner with Pop, Grandmother, Uncle John, Pawpaw, and Shirley for Pop's birthday.  We have eaten dinner as a family for my dad's birthday every year since I have been alive. It is such a nice time that I can set aside for my family during the holidays and celebrate with my dad.  This is one tradition that is non-negiotable. 

Mom made a great dinner and we completely stuffed ourselves. After dinner, we just sat around, talked, and watched a little tv. Dad was playing with Will and of course acting silly!! I wanted to get a good picture of Dad and Will to capture the memory but they were not cooperating. 

Being silly.

Will kept waving, so dad waved to. HAHA!

When we came home, we started a new tradition with our new little family. We read Luke 2 together, took a couple of pictures, and then tucked Will into bed. It was a really sweet time for just the three of us. We had time to reflect on what the true meaning of Christmas is, and enjoy one another.  This will definitely always be how we spend Christmas Eve. We want to teach Will that it is not all about gifts and Santa, but it is about our Savior coming earth to save us. 

Will before bed.

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