Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sick Days

Will has been sick since Sunday.  We took him to the doctor Tuesday morning to have him checked out, and he has bronchiolitis caused by RSV.  I thought it was a common cold at first, but it got worse and he had a really bad cough.  The doctor said bronchiolitis is similar to croup, and can cause breathing trouble (a mother's favorite thing to hear, ha!) and wheezing. She told us we could do breathing treatments but that it wouldn't really help and that the virus just had to run its course. Considering last time Will had a breathing treatment, he lost his mind, I was okay with waiting it out. So Will is out of daycare all this week.  Clay kept him Monday, I kept him Tuesday and today, and we have a great friend watching him Thursday and Friday.

Of course he never "acts" sick.  Nights have been worse because the coughing wakes him up and then he has trouble getting back to sleep. You can tell by listening to him breathe that something is wrong with him, but other than that he seems fine. 

Being home with him all day is hard because he needs to be constantly entertained.  Plus, we can't really leave the house.  Here have been some of our activites from today:

We practiced shaking our Auburn shaker.

We played in the sink (his favorite thing to do!)

Then we played with that other baby who lives in the bathroom.

Finally we checked out the vacuum cleaner (he seriously spent about 30 minutes looking at it, now if I could only teach him to actually us it, HAHA).

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  1. Poor Will! This is EXACTLY what Wyatt had, but the Z-Pack did help with the Bronchitis... the breathing treatments were useless- he screamed and freaked out- also, I couldn't believe how expensive that mask was!!