Monday, December 14, 2009

Will and Santa Claus

Clay and I have not taken Will to see Santa Claus, because really we are just dreading the whole situation.  Will is not going to remember, and Clay and I are still debating the whole "what to tell Will about Santa Claus" situation (Clay is all for telling him about Santa, I am not so sure, we are working through it).

Yesterday, my Santa situation seemed to ease up, at least for now.  A man in our church dressed as Santa and came to visit all the children during service. Luckily, Clay and I had nursery duty so we got to be there.  Of the four kids, Will was the only one to smile, which really surprised me! 

I think that this will be Will's official Santa Claus picture because I just don't see us getting out to get one.  It may not be the best background or best quality, but it is something I can cross of the to-do list for the season.

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