Monday, December 28, 2009

Will's First Christmas!

We had a great day on Christmas Day!  We stayed home all day in our PJs.  It was the first year that Clay and I have been home on Christmas and we loved it.

We started off the morning with a HUGE breakfast with my parents, John, and my grandparents. After breakfast, we opened gifts and played with Will.  Around lunch time, Dan and Celia came over and we opened presents again and played some more.  It was so fun!

Will had a great Christmas! He got so MUCH stuff. It looks like Toys R Us exploded in our living room.

Eating a snack while waiting for everyone to come over.

Breakfast with the family.

First present of the day!

It was a hammer and nail toy.

Pottery Barn chair from my parents. This is how Will gets out of the chair.

And getting back in.

Sitting with Grandmother.

Winnie in her new bed.

With Pawpaw and Shirley.

Testing out his new walking toy.

Trying to get all the balls out of the ball popper.

Our little family!

With Grandmother, Pop, and Uncle John.

Playing peek-a-boo with Pop.

With Uncle John.


Testing out Winnie's new bed.

Playing in the car seat box.

Opening more presents.

Playing the piano on his music table.

New car from Pawpaw and CC.

Happy boy!

Riding in his car with his reindeer suit on. So cute!

Testing out the new car seat.  Not a happy camper.

Last picture of the day. He was worn out!

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  1. Gavin LOVES his busy ball popper!

    And Santa brought him the leap frog table too!

    How funny...