Friday, July 9, 2010

Bouncy Seat and Bumbo

Will pulled his bouncy seat and bumbo out of his closet and decided that they needed to be played with. 

Let's just say he is a little big for the bouncy seat.

He loves sitting in it.  He makes it bounce and thinks that it is hilarious!  He has sat in it every afternoon this week.  He spent very little time in it when he was smaller, now it is like his own personal recliner.

He found a new use for the bumbo.  It's a helmet. He wore it around on his head for at least 15 minutes.  Cracks me up! 

This child is into everything and out of control.  Something new and different happens everyday. I am loving this age!


  1. I like the top picture. :) When I was cleaning out the garage over the weekend, Gavin found his infant carseat and plopped down in it and just sat there like "now what?" LOL :)