Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monday and Ashley turns 30

On Monday morning, I decided to take Will to the doctor. He had been hacking and coughing for a few days so I decided it was time to give Dr. R my $20.  Will never ran a fever so I knew it wasn't anything to serious, but we needed something to clear up the snot so that we could all get a good nights sleep.  Dr. R said it was just sinus drainage and a little summer cold, and he gave us some medicine that would help.

Of course, once we called and made the appointment, Will didn't act like he was sick!  I was glad it wasn't to serious.  We thought he might need another breathing treatment because he had been wheezing a little but we didn't...thank God!  Clay stayed home too because if we had had to do the breathing treatment, I wouldn't have been able to do it alone. It was nice to have Clay home because with him there, I was able to work and I got so much done.

That night we planned a little get together because Ashley turned 30!  We weren't able to celebrate on her actual birthday becasue she was out of town with the youth and children and we were out of town in Roanoke.

We went over to Robby and Robbin's and had hot dogs and cake.

The cake was so cute and I think everyone enjoyed it. Of course, it was from Edgars.

I am so glad we got to celebrate with Ashley. She is one of my best friends and is like family.  She is so good to Will and we love her so much!

Will was originally supposed to be at the party, but of course he was running a little fever right before so mom came and got him. He probably would have been fine staying, but Leslie was bringing Jackson so I didn't want Will breathing on him.  And plus I got some snuggle time with Jackson without Mr. Jealous being there!

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