Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Trip to Roanoke

Sunday, we traveled to Roanoke for a baby shower for Clay's cousin.  It was a fun day hanging out with Clay's family and Will loves being the center of attention.

Clay went and played golf with his cousin Brett while all the girls and Will went to the baby shower.  Krista, the mom-to-be, is so sweet and she is really good with Will.  Her shower was really nice and she got some great things.  After the shower, we all helped her sort through her goodies and helped her make a list for things to pack for the hospital.  Aunt Shaun, Misty, Krista, and I all sat around talking and catching up. It was fun!
Misty (in orange ) and Krista at the shower. Not the best picture but I was chasing Will the entire time.

Brett and Krista are having a little boy, so seeing all those little boy things made me miss when Will was little. 

Hopefully, the baby will be making his appearence soon and we will get to head back down there to visit the new addition!

We missed getting to see Mawmaw. When we traveled through Wedowee, she was at church both times so we didn't get to visit with her.

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