Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More about Guatemala

I wrote at the beginning of the year about how my church is doing some mission work in Guatemala.  Currently there are plans being made to build a church on some property that our church helped purchase.

Tonight, we had a young women named Deborah Medina, come to the kid's program at church and speak about Guatemala. She talked about the food and culture.  It was very light-hearted because the age range of the children were 3 - 10 years old.  We had some fruits that are grown in Guatemala and got to taste them. The kids also got to learn all the names of the fruits in Spanish! Deborah did a great job with the children and I really think that they enjoyed it.

Of course, there was a God moment for me.  She was talking to the children about how the people in Guatemala made money. She said that most grow things or make things with their hands that they can sell.  They also work out in the fields.  The thing that really struck me was she said on a GREAT day someone might make $15 for the day.  I felt so ashamed. I want this next statement to come off the right way.  I make way more in an HOUR than a Guatemalan makes in a DAY! I was totally convicted. I wanted to run out to the car, grab my checkbook, and give all I had to her to take back to her country.  I know that God is providing for me and my family and I am so blessed.  But He is also providing for the people for Guatemala and I know that I can help.  I said in the previous post about Guatemala that I didn't feel like God was calling me to travel there with our church, and I am still not sure that He is now, but that may change.  I would love to go and see the people there and walk a mile in their shoes.  I will never be able to understand how hard they work for what they have or how they live, but I do know that Jesus came to save us all from our sins.  So that makes us all very similar. 

I hope to get the opportunity to help with the next Guatemala trip. I don't know what that will entail, but whether it is giving a little extra money we have or helping the mission team prepare, I am ready to do my part.

Please continue to pray for the people in Guatemala. Also please pray for the mission teams from our church and the 2 other churches involved that are going to build the church.  I just hope that the people of Guatemala can see the love of Jesus through our  mission team members!

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