Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 4, 2010

We spent the holiday weekend at our family lake house.  We always have a great time playing, swimming, eating, and hanging out. 

We had some GREAT food!  My dad made ribs on Sunday that were fantastic!!  He cooked them all day.  That is dedication. 

Will had a great time as usual.  He was the center of attention so he was eating that up.  My Aunt Ann and Uncle Marc love him so much and that makes me smile. I grew up being around all my cousins and aunts and uncles, and I am glad Will is getting a little taste of that.  Right now he is the only grandchild for my parents and Clay's parents so I love that he gets to spend so much time with our extended families too!

Going "Vroom, Vroom" with Uncle John (still tied to the pier.)

Uncle Marc played with Will so much and even tried teaching him his colors.  We had this float that had all these different color holes.  Uncle Marc would put a goldfish in each color and then tell the color to Will and help him find the goldfish.  It was so sweet.

Uncle Marc's Goldfish game

We played on the water the entire weekend. It was a little hectic because it was so crowded but that didn't stop us.  Will even got to actually ride the WaveRunner with Clay. I was a mess.  He only took him right out in front of our pier but I was freaking out a little.

Really riding the WaveRunner with Daddy!!!

We swam and swam and swam. Will seemed a little more comfortable this time.  He even tried to "jump" in a couple of times. I try to keep my freak out moments to a minimum because I don't want to scare Will but he definitely tested the limits of the pier this weekend!

Swimming with the fam.

We also had a goose visit. My cousin Cameron and I called it a "geese" about a hundred times, but clearly it was just one goose. I guess our brains weren't working.  The goose came all the way up to our deck and little yard area. He was not scared of people. He even ate bread out of Cameron's hand.  It was Will's first official nature experience with a "wild" animal. 

Checking out the goose with Pop.

We didn't go to the big fireworks on the lake but our neighbors spent enough money on their fireworks to have a good show.  Will was already in bed so he missed them.  Maybe next year he will be old enough to stay up and enjoy them.

Will's mohawk!  He had so much sunscreen in his hair that it stood straight up!

It was a great 3 day weekend.  I hope you all had a nice time celebrating with your families!

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  1. I love this kid, and I love the fact that you neglected to tell me that you let Clay take him out on the water. I really wish I could hear the live re-telling of that one!