Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend!  Clay was out of town from Wednesday until Sunday. He went to Pennsylvania with my brother to watch a motocross race, so I was a single parent for the weekend.

As you read in the previous post, Will and I welcomed home David from Afganistan on Friday afternoon.  That night, Ashley came over and she, mom, and I watched The Last Song.  I didn't think the movie was that great, and I am not a huge Miley Cyrus fan.

Saturday, Mom and I took Will shopping. Our main objective was to find him some shoes, but we failed!  We headed to the shoe store and Will seemed to be fine. We asked the shoe salesman to measure his foot to make sure we bought the correct size.  When the salesman came over to measure his foot, Will LOST HIS MIND and I have no clue why!  He would not let us measure his foot.  He wouldn't stand up, nothing! So we left with no new shoes.  After the shoe store we headed over to Academy and Will didn't mind being in there.  Mom found some shoes for herself but we didn't find any for Will.  Mom treated us to lunch and then we headed home for Will's nap.

That night, Will and I went over to Mom and Dad's to watch the Auburn game. I was sad we didn't go down for the game, but I didn't want to take Will without Clay there to help me.

We cheered on the Tigers and they won!  We can't wait for the next game.

Sunday, we headed to church and then hung around the house and did chores the rest of the day.  Clay got home Sunday night and we headed to get some dinner.  I was so glad Clay was home. I was really happy to see him and so was Will!

Monday, we went to a cook-out at Robby and Robbin's.  We love hanging out with them.  We had a good time eating and swimming.  Monday night, we went back to Mom & Dad's to eat ribs. Dad has been working on his rib recipe and they were so good.

It was a crazy, long weekend!  Work is going to be crazy this week so I am glad it is only 4 days.

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