Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Chair

In our house we have two doorbells.  One for the front door and one for the side door. The front door doorbell box is high on the wall in the hallway. It the spot where most doorbell boxes are, but the back door doorbell box is near the floor in the hallway. I have never seen this before, nor have I ever been to a house with two doorbells. Also, I don't know if "doorbell box" is an appropriate term but it is the little box that houses the doorbell chimes.


Will has never seemed to notice the little box before. I rarely remember it is there unless I hit my foot on it.

So it was hilarious the other day when I turned to come down the hall and this is what I found....

Will was using it as a chair!

He was just sitting there having some juice.

I guess it was comfortable for him because it was the perfect height.

Will is doing something new and different every single day and he definitely keeps us laughing!

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  1. He's "peeping" around the corner at you! How darling!