Thursday, September 2, 2010

When Will doesn't get his way...

Most of the time Will gets his way. He is a typical only child. We definitely try to discipline him, but if he is not hurting himself or others, he usually gets what he wants.

Lately, he wants to go outside all the time!  Usually Clay and I can accommodate him, but there are sometimes we just can't.  Like when we are both trying to get things done around the house or it is raining.

On this occasion, it was raining.  I told Will we couldn't go outside and that we could find something to do inside. He was not happy about that so he decided he would try and go outside by himself.  He is getting where he can reach door knobs, and my worst fear is that he will let himself out and get injured. When I saw him trying to turn the door knob to the back door, I went and got on to him and locked the door.  Then he melted down!

Not really fun for anyone.  He is at an age now where he understands he is not getting what he wants and that makes him mad.  Also, we can't really distract him like we could before.  He is a determined little guy!

My uncle told me that I never write about or post pictures of Will being upset so I thought this would be a good opportunity to let everyone know that Will does have his moments. They are few and far between, but he can definitely throw a tantrum.  We love him anyway and we are all learning together!

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  1. When Gavin gets in trouble he points his little finger at me and says "No, No, No!"
    I try not to laugh and give him that serious Mommy face but it's really funny! (Won't be so funny when he's 10 and talking back though!)