Monday, September 20, 2010

Saturday on The Plains

I was so excited to take Will to Auburn for the Clemson game.  It was our first tailgate of the year. 

Clay and John headed down on Friday night, and mom and I headed down with Will early Saturday morning. Will was happy to go Auburn!

Once we got there the tailgate was all set up. Clay does such a great job with our tailgate spot and we always have a good time grilling out and watching football games.

Since my birthday was Friday and Will's Pawpaw's Birthday is Wednesday, we celebrated with cake!  It was yummy.

We walked around campus and went to the University Bookstore.  We hung out with friends and family and our Auburn family.

Will was such a trooper. He was up at 6:30 am and didn't take a nap all day.  The game started at 6 and when we got ready to head into game, he was acting a little fussy. Clay made the ultimate sacrifice and stayed out with him and let me go in the stadium.  Clay didn't have to suffer too much because he had a television with the game, food, and friends to hang out with. 

The game was awesome and we pulled out a win.  I was so excited!

This was about 11 PM.  He was still a happy boy after being up for so long! He didn't want to miss anything.

We had so much fun and were all exhausted on Sunday.  I can't wait to head back down to The Plains!

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