Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will and Jackson

On Saturday afternoon, Will and I headed over to hang out at Leslie and Jackson's house.  I love spending time with them!

Will was ALL OVER THE PLACE!  I know Leslie was probably thinking "please get your child under control!"  He wanted to touch everything and play with all of Jackson's toys. He pulled all of Jackson's stuffed animals out of his room.  He touched all their electronics.  He even climbed on a little stool in Jackson's room so he could try and reach God knows what. I followed him around like I was his shadow. My biggest fear is that he is going to break something important.  It is hard having a toddler that is so mobile. Thankfully he didn't find the stairs this time. That is a whole other battle! Leslie and Ray are still in that wonderfully blissful period where their child can't move!  Oh how I miss those days.

Oh My Gosh...Jackson is seriously the sweetest baby!

Other than it being extremely stressful for me, we had a fun time. Leslie and i got to have some chat time and Will got to play with Jackson. He has even started saying "Jack" and it is so sweet.

At one point Leslie put Jackson in his crib so he could rest, and Will wanted to see the "baby" so bad. I lifted him up so he could see Jackson and he decided he wanted to get in the crib with him.  I didn't want Will to hurt Jackson so we got Will to lay down, and he was very content just laying next to him.  It was a cute moment. 

Jackson is thinking "Why is this big kid in my bed?"

I hope Will and Jackson continue to build their little friendship and hopefully, for Leslie's sake, Will won't teach Jackson too many bad habits! 

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