Monday, October 11, 2010

Auburn vs. Louisana-Monroe

On the 2nd, we headed down to Auburn for the Louisiana-Monroe game.  Since this game is typically low-key and we were just heading down for the day, we got Will a ticket. 

We left pretty early because the game was set for an 11 AM kick-off.  We literally woke Will up, changed his diaper, and put him in the car.  On the way, we stopped for some breakfast and Will sat in the front seat for a few minutes while we were in the parking lot.

Thanks to Robby and Robbin, we were able to park at the Baptist Student Center. We were close to downtown and the stadium. Since we weren't doing our normal tailgate, Will decided to have his own version of his daddy's tailgate. HA!

It wasn't longing before we changed Will into his Auburn t-shirt and headed to the stadium.  Will is always on the move these days, so I didn't get very many good pictures of him in the stadium. 

Last year was so much easier when he couldn't go anywhere by himself.  This year he was all over the place!  He lasted through pre-game, about 10 minutes of the 1st quarter, and entire Sprite. Once the Sprite was gone, he was done.  I took him down to the concourse and de did much better there.  There were some other kids down there so he enjoyed playing with them.  After half-time, Clay was ready to go, so we headed downtown to walk around.  It was fun just the 3 of us hanging out.

Soon it was time to head home with one tired little boy! He slept all the way home!

I am not sure that Will will go into another game this season.  He is a little too active and doesn't have the attention span to sit and watch the game. 

Auburn has two big games the next two weekends, so I am sure Will and I will head down to tailgate for one of those.

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  1. Love those pictures! Sounds like he had a big day!