Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gavin Turns 2

Saturday, Will got to attend Gavin's birthday party!  It was a train themed party and Will was obsessed as soon as the invitation came in the mail. He carried the invite around calling it the "choo-choo book".

We arrived at the party and all the kids were playing outside. Will joined right in.  The kids had a good time running around and then we headed in to eat cake.

As soon as we got inside, Will heard the word cookie and that is all he could talk about.  He said "tookie" a thousand times, and finally I was able to make my way over and get him a "tookie".

After cake, it was time for presents.  Gavin got lots of train gifts! I am glad we got him some puzzles that weren't trained themed. 

Birthday parties are difficult with toddlers and this proved to be no different. Gavin didn't want to wear his little train hat and Will was all up in Gavin's space while he was trying to open presents. 

It was a fun party and Tabitha did a great job putting everything together!

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