Friday, October 22, 2010

The Fair

Here in our town, a local fair comes every so often and sets up near the entrance of our neighborhood. We live near city hall and the local park so it is the ideal place.

 I think last time I visited the local fair, I was probably 12 years old.  But last night we decided to take Will just to see what he thought about it. 

We were sure there wouldn't be any rides he could ride, so we just planned to walk around and people watch.  This little fair has about 10 rides, 3 or 4 carnival-type games, and a food stand. 

Will loved looking at all the rides lit up.

There was a game you could play to try and win a bunny.  That's the first time I had ever seen a game like that.  We didn't play, but Will loved looking at the bunnies.  He called them "cats" at first and then he called them "cat buns".  He cracks me up.

Once he saw the merry-go-round, he had to ride. He even tried to go in the little gate without us.  We had to wait a few minutes because Clay had to go get us a ticket to ride.  He couldn't wait to get on.

Of course, once we started moving, he had a death-grip on my shirt and he looked like he had seen a ghost.  He was a little petrified and tried to get off a couple of times.  I just kept telling him how fun it was and to look for daddy, and after a couple of rounds, he started to enjoy himself.  Then it stopped, and then he had a meltdown. Fun times! 

We finally dragged him away from there and then he saw the Super Slide. The Super Slide is a huge slide probably 20 or 30 feet off the ground.  I didn't think they would let Will go on it, so I was banking on that, but we soon found out he could go down it if I went with him. I was not a happy camper.  First of all, I am not a fan of heights.  Second, I am not a fan of rickety old carnvial rides. Finally, I am not a fan of hauling my child up roughly 3 flights of stairs that are attached to the side of the Super Slide!  But I did it for Will. 

HE LOVED THE SUPER SLIDE.  Clay got a video of it, but it is really poor quality and I have a terrible look on my face, so I won't be sharing that.  Will wanted to go again, but that wasn't going to happen. One time was my limit. He was mad we had to head home.

On the way out, Clay got a corndog and I got a funnel cake.  Clay said he had to eat a corndog since we are playing the corndogs (LSU) this weekend. I haven't had a funnel cake in YEARS so I thought why not, you only live once! HA! Will had a couple of bites of funnel cake and loved it!

It was an interesting experience and another first for Will!

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