Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will - An Update

Nothing to exciting has been going on with us so I thought I would do a little general update.

We have settled into a nice routine around our house recently.  We get up every weekday and Will eats his breakfast while Clay and I get ready. We head off to daycare and work, then we spend our afternoons playing and eating dinner together.  After dinner we hang out and play some more, and then we get ready for bed.  On the weekends we pretty much hang out as a family whether it's going to football games, shopping, or just being at the house. It's pretty normal.  And this momma likes normal.

Will has been eating so much better these days.  He is eating chicken so that makes me happy. His favorite foods right now are animal crackers, goldfish, bananas, french fries and pizza.  We are doing our best to sneak some vegetables in there. He also decided that he really likes ketchup. The daycare serves a pretty good variety of foods and they say he does pretty well at lunch.  There are things he still won't eat and there are still times when he refuses to eat anything, but meal times are definitely a lot less stressful. 

Eating cereal for breakfast. 

Dinner time. Pizza and yogurt. 

Will loves being outside!  As soon as we get home he wants to go outside.  He like playing in the grass with Winnie. He loves picking up sticks and running around. I am glad he likes being outdoors.  Winnie is currently living on the back porch, so he always wants to go out there with her.  He also likes feeding her and filling up her water bowl.  Last week he helped himself to her water and dog food.  I love raising a boy! He keeps things interesting.

Playing ball with Daddy.

Daddy let him drink from the water hose one afternoon when they were filling up Winnie's water bowl.

He has entered some form of the "terrible 2s".  He doesn't like to hear the word "no" and he cries when he doesn't get his way. We are working with him on those things.  We are still doing time-out and that seems to be effective.  We also try to explain to him why we are doing something and not just saying "no". I don't know how much he comprehends, but he seems to calm down faster when we sit down and talk about why we are doing something.  He definitely challenges us!

Letting us know he is not happy!

Overall, he is learning new things everyday. He is talking all the time and learning new words. He is growing up so fast and we are loving every minute we spend with him!

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