Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest Show on Earth!

On Saturday, Will went to the Circus for the first time! 

Clay and I were so worried that he would hate it...but we worried for no reason, HE LOVED IT!!!

While we waited for the Circus to start, Uncle John bought Will a icee in a clown cup. He loved it!

Will couldn't wait to see the elephants.  He talked about them all day.  They were definitely his favorite part of the Circus and luckily they were incorporated into a few parts of the show. 

Ashley bought Will this light up toy that had a little elephant on the top.  He has carried this toy around for the last two days.

I have mentioned before that Will has quite the fan club.  Not only did Ashley and John go with us to the circus, Jordan, Kristen, Robby, and Molly joined us too.  Molly is 3 and I think this was her first year to go to the circus too.  She loved it as well.  Including us, we had 2 kids under 3 and 7 adults over 25.  Fun group!

Kristen in her pink plastic clown pigtails.

Robby, Jordan, John, and Molly

I am so glad Will loved the Circus as much as I did when I was a child.

It was a great night shared with family and friends!

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