Monday, January 24, 2011

We became those parents...

Clay and I officially became those parents who have an out of control toddler!  We thought Will had bad moments before, but Will hit an all time high on Thursday night.

We started off the evening by trying to go eat with Bobby and Rob.  They invited us to Jim N Nicks so we thought that would be a nice low key dinner.  Will lasted roughly 15 minutes at the table and then he was done.  He cried, whined, and said the word "no" five hundred times.  Clay and I alternated taking him outside so the other could eat.  The restaurant gave him a balloon and he was all good...for a minute.

Since we were near the AT&T store, I thought we could run in and get a phone since mine had died. Will seemed to be okay with this until we actually got in the store and then he lost his mind. Screaming, crying, laying on the floor...the whole bit.  It was awful. Clay and I just stood there looking at each other like "who's kid is this?" 

As we were leaving as quickly as we could, Clay said he looked over and a women was giving him the "what the heck is wrong with your kid?" look.  In the car,Clay said he remembered when he gave that look to other parents and now he felt like an idiot because we were those parents now!  Very humbling.

As we were getting in the car, Will was still at it.  Screaming and crying for no reason.  I was so frustrated that I threatened to pop his balloon and he became hysterical.  I don't know what came over me.  I cannot believe I told him I was going to pop the balloon.  When did I become THAT mom.  I didn't actually pop the balloon. Once we got home and Will had forgotten about the balloon, Clay released it  before Will saw it.

As soon as we got home, we got Will in his PJs, did his bedtime routine and put him in bed.  Clay and I were exhausted. 

The next day I watched an episode of "Super Nanny" and that made me feel a little better.  Then another mom told me that one time when her boys were fight and screaming over balloons in the car, she rolled down the window and threw the balloons out. It is nice to know that other moms have those moments too.

All has been well in our household since Thursday. Will still has had his moments, but nothing like that night.

I guess Clay and I need to toughen up because we are about to hit the "terrible 2s" with full force!

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  1. Haha! hang in there sister. Maybe he was just tired, or maybe you have many more of these nights ahead of you. Either way, you're not alone. Anyone who has kids has surely experienced such outings. Hudson has been a total homebody for the last year or so. He will tell you so! He will tell you "I just want to go home." I guess we all have our comfort zones. AND...we all have to experience the crying/whining for no reason and the my-kid-is-"that"-kid nights. I think its an unspoken rule of parenting-like a right of passage. Like it or not, the threats of spankings and actually following through with it (made evident by the presence of a wooden spoon in my purse) made a big difference in our lives. But they are all unique. You'll figure out what works for you and...this too shall pass. Good luck Mama!