Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Saturday was absolutely beautiful!!! I am so ready for Spring now.

Since it was so pretty outside, Clay decided to burn our burn pile and Will joined him.  I am so thankful the boys were able to spend some time outside cleaning up the yard. Our back yard is clean now and it gave me a chance to clean up inside without a toddler following me around.

Mom came over for a little bit and cleaned the front bathroom and mopped all my floors. I hate to mop and mom always does it for me if I ask nicely. THANKS MOM!!!

John came over too and played on the swing set with Will. John had to get Will a hammer and screwdriver because Will insisted that he needed to "fix" the swing set.  He is really into fixing things these days.  John spent probably an hour out there "helping" Will with his work. 

We had to literally drag Will in to eat lunch and take a nap so we could go to the circus.

I was so glad to get caught up with all my house work and have a nice relaxing day at home!

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