Friday, January 14, 2011

National Championship Trip - Game Day

We slept in a little bit on Monday morning because we knew we had a long day  ahead of us and we were leaving the hotel until 2.

Once we got up, we met Dan, Celia, Richard, Kate, and Gray in the restaurant to have some breakfast.  After breakfast we went back to get ready for the game.

When it was almost time to leave we heard Dan singing and cheering. We found him in his room with his iPod having his own pep rally. Ha!

We loaded up on the buses and headed for the stadium. I got nervous when I saw this in the distance.

We went to the tailgate party first and got some food.

I was so crowded at the tailgate party that we decided to head for the dome.  It was a good thing we did because tons of people were already trying to get in and it was a madhouse.

While we were waiting to get in, we saw some friends from home. We also saw these planes flying around.

Once we were in the dome, we walked around to check out where John and Richard were sitting and took a couple of photos.

Clay and I sat in the Auburn end zone and were 21 rows up from the field. We could see everything that was going on and I got some great pictures.

Here are some photos from before the game:

ESPN College Gameday was there.

Cam Newton warming up.

Michael Dyar and teammates warming up.

The band!

Coach Chizik

An eagle flew before the game.  It wasn't one of Auburn's eagles and this was apparently planned before they knew Auburn would be playing in this game.  It was really neat and it felt like we were in our home stadium.

The coin toss.

I didn't take any pictures during the game because I was so nervous.  It was  a GREAT game. It was so close the entire time.  We had fun with the fans that were sitting around us.  We were all so into the game!

Wes Byrum right before he kicked the game WINNING field goal!

With a score of Auburn - 22 and Oregon - 19, we are the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

It was so awesome to be there in person to witness this historic win. Nobody thought Auburn could do it, but we proved them wrong.  The dome was 70% Auburn fans and it felt like we were home.  It was a great win and a great experience.

Clay and his dad have been to too many games to count, and have always been dedicated to this team. I think this picture sums up what a wonderful moment it was for the two of them.

Coach Chizik accepted the crystal football,

and they had a live feed from Toomer's Corner:

After the awards ceremony, we met up with John for a few minutes and then back to the hotel. There was a little mix up with our hotel bus, but despite that we made it home safe.

Once we were back at the hotel, we celebrated some more and hung out around a fire pit with some more Auburn family.  It is a day I will never forget!


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  1. LOVE all the pictures!
    LOVE your new haircut!
    LOVE the pic of Dan & Clay!
    I am so proud of what a great Dad Dan is, and has always been, and look at what a fine son he has...with a great family.
    Good Job Dan, Cece, Clay, Amanda & Will!