Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Prep and a fun night at home and the potty

It feels like we have been busy, busy at house.  I can't really think of much that we have actually accomplished but I feel like we are always busy. January has definitely been a crazy month for us!

Last year, I updated frequently about planning Will's 1st birthday and I didn't plan on doing that again this year, but it seems that I should probably add a little something about his birthday party planning.  We weren't going to do a huge party this year and we were thinking of ways to keep it simple, but obviously, we are not simple people.  I wanted to something small and simple and that is not going to happen. Clay and I talked and talked about it and it is just not possible to leave certain people out.  So  big party it is!  Will seriously has so many people that are constants in his life. It is amazing how many people love my child. Clay and I are overwhelmed by that thought daily!

Also, last year it took me a long time to settle on a theme, because Will was only 1 and not really in to anything. But thankfully this year his has some favorites, and this picture will give you a party theme hint...

 He put the stickers on himself, and was so proud!

So we are having a Mickey Mouse birthday.  I am so happy because there is a ton of Mickey stuff available so it takes some of the stress out of planning.

I have already purchased the invitations, return address labels, thank you cards, and most of the party decorations and supplies.  Really all that is left to do is order the cake and food, send out invitations, and then have the party.  I am excited and I hope Will will love it. Most people think it doesn't matter about the party because he won't remember, but I want him to be able to look back at pictures and know that he was celebrated and loved.  It's more about the people and the time we get to spend with them, and less about the preparation and money it takes to pull this party off.

Okay, enough about that for now!

Last night, while Will was putting stickers on his face, we also did a couple of other fun things.

Clay and Will played basketball while I cooked dinner.  Will is finally understanding what to do with the ball.  He loves to shoot the ball and claps even if he misses.  It is so cute.  Clay and his dad have a long running tradition of father-son basketball games, so I am glad that this is something Will and Clay can continue.  Of course, Clay has an advantage right now because the goal is only 3 feet tall!

After supper Will got a bath. This is his favorite thing!  A couple of months ago we got this tablets that turn the water different colors. I think the first time we did this, we turned the water purple and Will flipped out and tried to crawl of the tub.  Clay found the color tablets in the linen closet and asked Will if he wanted to put it in the tub. Will said "jes" (yes) so we turned his water a bright blue.  He didn't seemed to mind it this time and had fun splashing around. 

I know all parents say this, but I am pretty sure he is the cutest kid ever!

After the bath and before putting on Will's jammies, he told me he had to tee-tee. We have been talking about the potty and sitting on the potty but nothing has ever happened.  BUT, last night,  WILL TEE-TEED IN THE POTTY!!!  I think I scared him at first because I was so excited. I don't know if it was a one time thing or if he will do it again, but we are definitely encouraging him and following his leads with this.  He got an M&M as a prize so maybe that will give him a little motivation.  We are so proud and we will see if this whole potty training thing progresses.  Of course, I will continue to update along the way.

It was a fun night at home and thankfully is was pretty restful.  We are going to take Will to the circus this weekend, so that should be interesting.  He will either love it and not want to leave, or he will hate it and either Clay or I will spend our evening walking him around outside.  We are going with a big group of friends, so hopefully because we will have a lot of familiar faces, he will enjoy it.

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  1. Awww! Gavin loves "Mi-mi mouse" too! He will love Will's birthday! :)))

    Gavin has tee-teed in the potty twice in the last two weeks, I think it was more of matter of just catching him at the "right" time. But he does ask to go and we take him. I figure he has to learn somehow! Plus I've never seen a child that likes to sit on the toilet as much as he does! I'm going to get him his own little potty next week just to make it a little easier. The real potty is just too big....