Friday, January 14, 2011

National Championship Trip - Sunday Night

Clay, Richard, John, and I all hung out at a place called The Upper Deck for the remainder of Sunday Night. 

When we got there, Tiger Talk was broadcasting live.  They had a bunch of guests, but we couldn't really hear what they were talking about because it was so crowded and loud.

The one guest I did hear, was an actor.  If you don't watch Grey's Anatomy then this won't mean much, but he was the shooter at the end of last season.  His name is Michael O'Neill and he is an Auburn grad.

After Tiger Talk was over, it cleared out a little.  There was a band and DJ that played and we had fun dancing and singing to all the songs!  It was so fun.

While we were hanging out, we ran into my old boss, Kathy, and her husband, Greg.  I was so shocked to see them. It was great getting to catch up and hopefully if Clay and I ever decide to move back to Auburn one day, I will have a job with her. 

Then it was time for T-Will to preform. Clay is a member of an Auburn chat room and they set up the whole night and got T-Will to come.  We were so excited!

T-Will sang 3 songs and, of course, one of them was Tiger Walk. 

It was a fun and exhausting day.  We headed back to the hotel so we could rest up for Game Day!!

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