Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve

Last night, we spent New Year's Eve with some our best friends!

First we headed to Jackson's to eat. It is always yummy and I LOVE their cookie dough egg rolls. After dinner, we went back to Kristen and Jordan's to hang out.  Ashley, Craig, Mary Beth, Chris, and Robby were there to celebrate the New Year.

The guys headed upstairs to the man cave to have a air hockey tournament and the girls hung out and watched tv.  I have found this new show that I am obsessed about and I found out Kristen is obsessed with it too, so we watch a couple of episodes.  Also, I just want to note here that we are getting old because our New Year's Eve celebration including us laying on the couch and watching tv. Things have definitely changed in our old age...haha!

Kristen, Me, & Ashley


Craig and Mary Beth

The guys came down shortly before midnight and we rang in the New Year together! 

The boys

Then we headed to Waffle House. I seriously have not been to a Waffle House in years!!! But it was so fun and funny. There are definitely some characters that eat at Waffle House.  The girls sat together and we all had something small like toast or hashbrowns. The boys sat a couple of tables over and didn't get their food until after we did, so when we got done eating, we went to sit with them and this was there table...

INSANE! They crack me up.

It was a great night spent with great friends. I want to say thanks to my parents for offering to keep Will for the night so we could go out with our friends and sleep in today.  I love them so much!

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