Thursday, January 13, 2011

National Championship Trip - Sunday Morning and the Pep Rally

Sunday morning started off slow. We were exhausted from traveling to day before. Clay got up and went to get our rental car.  Once we were all ready to go, we went to John's hotel and let him get ready.

We drove around for a bit and looked at the scenery, then headed to Old Town Scottsdale to explore and got to the Auburn pep rally.

When we got there, we met up with Rebecca. She and her family sit in front of us at Jordan-Hare and we have become close over the last couple of years.  Her whole family was there so we sat around and chatted for a long time.

Soon it was time for the pep rally.  John and Richard were able to get us a spot right next to the stage.

Of course, Aubie, the cheerleaders, and the band were at the pep rally.

AU President Jay Gogue and AU Athletic Director Jay Jacobs were both their and spoke to the crowd.

It was so packed.  They estimated that there were 50,000 fans there.  There were even people in the parking deck across the street!

After the pep rally ended, we headed into Old Town Scottsdale and walked around a bit and then grabbed a late lunch/early dinner at Frank and Lupe's Mexican Restaurant. 

It was so crowded everywhere we went!  I don't think that Phoenix expected the crowd.  It was really amazing. Everyone kept called it Auburn, Arizona and I think that was so true!

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