Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2 Year Old Check-up

I took Will today for his 2-year-old well visit.  He was really excited to go see "Doder Ruffels" (Dr. Russell).  He did so well.  When we got there, he sat in the waiting room, had a small snack, and watched the movie they had playing.  Once we were taken back to a room, he was so well-behaved.  He talked to me about how the doctor was going to listen to his heart and look in his ears. 

Dr. R said that Will was doing great!  He is a healthy boy and we are so grateful.  Here are his current measurements:

Weight: 28 pounds, 2 ounces (50th percentile)
Height: 33 1/4 inches (50th percentile)
Head Circumference:  19 3/4 inches (between 75th and 90th percentile)

He also asked Will lots of questions about colors, shapes, numbers, and the alphabet.  Dr. R was pleased with his development and commented on how well Will talks.  We know he is big on talking so that was no surprise.  We are just happy when other people can understand what he is saying! Ha!

I was a great visit and, bonus, we didn't have to get any shots!!!

I still can't believe he is 2!!

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