Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Tonight we celebrated Will's birthday at home with family.  Uncle John ordered pizza for everyone and we had an Edgar's cake.

Will was in a great mood all night. He kept everyone laughing. 

He ate his pizza fast because he knew there was CAKE! He couldn't wait to eat his own special little cake.

I lit the number 2 candle and we sang Happy Birthday!  When I set the cake and candle down in front of him he said "hot" and wouldn't even come close enough to the candle to blow it out.  I guess that is a good thing!

Everyone enjoyed sitting around eating cake and talking.  Mawmaw, Pop, Pawpaw, CC, Uncle John, Aunt Kate, Uncle Gray, Richard and Julie were all here.

After cake, we opened presents.  When Will would open a gift he would get this shocked look on his face and say "WOW!!" It was precious.  He is definitely an animated little boy!

He got some great gifts.  He got a backpack, new clothes, a new Mickey and books, some Play-doh, money for new shoes, and a new movie!  He loved all his gifts!

We finished the night by playing.  Will was all over the place. At one point, he wanted all his clothes off except for his diaper, shoes, and socks. I am not sure why, but he the best time running around "nekked". 

I will never forget the day he was born and I am so glad that our family comes together to celebrate it each year.  It is a bitter sweet moment.  Clay and I are sad that he isn't a baby anymore but we are so happy to get to raise this sweet boy!  He made us parents and we couldn't be more grateful that God chose us to be a family.


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