Friday, March 4, 2011

2 Years Old!

Will and Tiger - 2 Years Old

Will is 2-years-old today!  Can you believe it?!?!   He is growing up so fast and Clay and I are so proud of our little boy.  He amazes us everyday with the things that he remembers and the things that he is learning.  He is smart, independent, strong-willed, and silly.  He is the most perfect little boy!

Here is what he is up to:
--He talks all the time and we even have little conversations with him
--He can count to 11
--He knows most of the letters in the alphabet but rarely says them in order
--He know the following shapes: triangle, circle, and heart
--He knows all his colors but still mixes up orange and green
--He loves going to church and asks us almost everyday to go
--He is learning his first bible verse: "Every good and perfect thing is from above" James 1:17.  His favorite part is saying "sebentine" (17). It is really cute!
--He loves school and we have not had a meltdown in a long time. Most of the time he would rather stay at school and play with his friends. 
--He is not found of bathtime these days, but loves to brush his teeth afterwards.
--His favortie tv shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Bill
--He loves all sports.  Baseball, basketball, golf ball, soccer ball, and football are words that you will hear around our house all the time. He also loves watching all sports on tv.  It definitely makes Clay happy!
--He is an extremely picky eater. Right now he only eat chicken nuggets, pizza, apples, bananas, grapes, cookies, and any sweets. We are trying to push him to eat other foods but he is stubborn about it. He is also the slowest eater.  He will sit in his high chair forever if we let him.
--He is wearing 18-24 month clothes, size 5 diapers, and size 6 1/2 shoes

We take him to the doctor on March 9th so we will get all his measurements then. I am guessing he weighs around 28 pounds and I have no clue how tall he is.

There is so much more but there is no way to list it all here!

As usual, I will include some outtakes from our photo shoot with Tiger:
Showing me how old he is!

He wanted me to take a picture of him kicking his soccerball.

To see more pictures of Will and Tiger each month, go HERE.

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